Julya & Nick...Married {Highgate House, Northampton Wedding Photography}

Julya & Nick were married back in October at St Peter's Church in Cogenhoe, Northamptonshire with their reception taking place at Highgate House in Creaton.

I first met Julya & Nick at a wedding fair held at Highgate House at the beginning of the year. I met a few couples that day but for some reason when Julya phoned to talk about their plans sometime after the fair I knew exactly who they were - I think I'd hoped that if nobody else booked me from that day that Julya & Nick would.

We got together some time before the wedding for their pre-wedding shoot and instantly got on, sharing the same sense of humour and I knew then that spending their wedding day with them would be a great privilege.

I arrived at Julya & Nick's house to photograph the bridal preparations and Julya was very nervous about the day ahead, so as well as being the photogapher I became the 'third bridesmaid' and used all of my wedding experience to keep Julya calm.

It's always lovely to receive emails from couples once they've had a chance to see their photographs and Julya's was particularly special....

'…I am now sending our HUGE THANK YOU to you this way! 

We are so grateful to you agreeing to do our wedding photography and for the Pre Wedding shoot. 

We can only say.... AMAZING and STUNNING! 

The photographs are exactly what we wanted - a story of our very special and long awaited day, in both black and white and colour. 

Our wedding, as you know was not just about Nicholas and I saying our vows to each other, but ensuring our two wonderful sons were involved in the day which was OUR WEDDING.  You heard our request to ensure that the Wedding pictures showed the four of us and have captured the emotion that we knew would be there, brilliantly.

We had the most amazing day with everything going to plan.... And the horrendous nerves on my part, which the photographs really show the different stages I went through until I was calm at the top of the aisle. Great photography showing the panic stages....!

Great practical skills too, born from experience...  A bit too early for your veil......  You really need to sit down.....  You should really drink some water....  What have you eaten - to the sliced banana you made sure I ate!  You really were the third bridesmaid!!!!   I'm not sure I would have got through the nerves at this stage without your calm presence - Thank You! 

Thank you so much again for such brilliant photographs and joining in our celebration with our family and friends - you made it so much easier to have the photographs taken!  We will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting special photography!'

Unfortunately Father Richard at St Peter's doesn't allow photography during the ceremony, which is a real shame, as it's such an important part of the wedding day to document.

It was a very emotional day and an absolute pleasure and a privilege to share Julya & Nick's wedding day with them.

A few images from the day. Click on a thumbnail for a larger view....